Pool, Day 10

This morning – early – the plumbers were back.  It was no later than 7:30am when they arrived, since they were already working when I took my first load of kids to school.

2015-04-22 10.09.21

When they left, the yard remained a mud pit, but we had pool equipment!!!



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Pool, Day 9

Finally, something is happening with the pool!  It was dormant most of the day, but when the plumbers arrived, they arrived in force!!!

2015-04-21 17.47.44

They even brought their own miniature scoop!  I don’t think our backyard has ever looked this bad, at least, not since the house was under construction!

I’m going to try to put a movie in this post.  I have a bunch of movies but haven’t been able to add them.  Hopefully this one will work.

2015-04-21 18.54.15

They stayed until it was dark outside, which had to have been close to 9pm.  And they didn’t finish, so they left the scoop parked in our backyard.  There was also a whole lot of plastic pipe in our pool.

2015-04-22 06.32.38

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Pool, Day 8

Mommy, why is the pool green?

2015-04-19 19.56.31

Good question.  I have no idea!

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Pool, Day Five

Wednesday morning was Gunite.  In fact, the Gunite people arrived at – I kid you not – 6:45am.2015-04-15 07.24.49  

It didn’t take much to get Samuel out of bed. 

First, they put up black plastic around the perimeter of the pool, and we quickly figure out why.  The Gunite – basically concrete that they shoot from a hose – kind of goes everywhere.  It would have made such a huge mess if it wasn’t for the plastic. Once the plastic was up, the Gunite was mixed and the guys took turns shooting it in between the steel rebar.




 The whole process took until around 1pm and then it was quiet again!  So exciting!!! 

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Pool, Day Four

I’m writing these posts with a few days of hindsight, since I didn’t begin the day we started on the pool. However, today was pretty uneventful. We were waiting on the city inspector to check the “Belly Steel” and once we came and left a green tag, our builder set us up for Gunite the following day. But meanwhile, Samuel put on my boots and tried to walk through the mud. It made for some pretty cute pictures.

2015-04-14 15.37.58 2015-04-14 15.37.59 2015-04-14 15.38.01





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