Little Elm Contest

We are in Little Elm, watching the preliminaries, and Lone Star just left the field. Here’s the video:


We placed 2nd in prelims – Heritage placed 1st – and will be performing in the Finals tonight!   




Band Showcase Night At The Star

Last night was the first annual band night at the Star and all 9 Frisco High Schools were represented. Lone Star did really well and I got excellent video…until I accidentally turned it off and lost the last minute. ☹️️ Nevertheless, here’s the first 7+ minutes of the show. 

We are at Chili’s

Not really a big story here. We have started letting the kids take turns picking where we eat out after church Sunday. Actually, it’s much more complicated than that because Matthew made all the minor rules, but that’s it in a nutshell. So here’s the token picture of the kids…

Here’s a picture of Samuel at the Boosterthon Fun Run, with his teacher…

They threw colored cornstarch on the kids. He showered and came out with his hair still streaked blue and pink, and his face was still colored. So we went to my bathroom and I gave him the first bath I’ve given him in YEARS. But get this – he was too embarrassed to take off his clothes in front of me. ME. HIS MOTHER. So I bathed him in his swimsuit

Finally, during a recent thunderstorm, I took this picture of the dog. She’s terrified of thunder. I guess this is the indoor version of burying her head in the sand?  

I have a great video of Peter’s band performing Friday night but am having trouble getting it to upload. I will try to get it up soon. 

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