Charles Matthew Just

[WARNING – THIS IS AN UNUSUALLY LONG POST, AND SOMETHING OF A TEAR-JERKER. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!] On Friday – the last day of school – Matthew took his “8th grade walk”. It’s a tradition that we first learned about when Peter did his at Stafford Middle School three years ago. When Trent Middle School opened, […]

LSHS Band Night

Tonight, the two older boys had High School Band Night, where next year’s band gathers to meet the director, learn a little about how to march, and get the music for the show they will perform next Fall.   Peter was coming from the CTE on the bus (his “A” day schedule), so he wouldn’t […]

Area Marching Band Competition

We performed this afternoon and just learned we made it into the final 10.  We march tonight to see who goes to State!   Also, a funny story about Samuel… Reason number 537 why teachers aren’t paid enough… The book fair was this week.  Samuel bought a pen that wrote in invisible ink and became […]