Our dog, Snickers, should have been named Princess, for she is no doubt the most revered member of our household.  She is adored and loved and treated with honor by every member of our home – even Brad, though he will never admit it.  As our resident Princess, she has always slept in a chair in our bedroom, on my side of the bed, so she can keep an eye on both me and the backyard, through the shuttered windows.  She learned early on how to lever the blinds with her paw, so she can open the window any time of the day or night, even if we would rather not have sunlight streaming directly into our eyes when we are trying to catch an extra hour of sleep on a Saturday morning.  Here she is on her perch:



Today, however, the Princess has been dethroned.  After spending some time in bed with bronchitis recently, I’ve come to realize that her chair possesses probably the best view in the house, now that the pool is completed.  I decided I wanted to take back the chair, and so I moved her bed to the floor and proceeded to vacuum out all the dog hair and dirt.  Then, I sat in it.  I found it to be quite comfortable, and worth the battle.  And so it began.

First, she came in and just sat there, looking at me in her chair.  I told her to go lay in her bed, but she looked disdainfully at her bed on the floor and proceeded to try to jump into the chair with me.  I told her to get down and she balefully looked at me, then jumped down, only to lie down right next to her bed on the floor.  Just to show me she didn’t have to do what I said.  When I got out of the chair, I put a big pillow in it, so she would learn not to get in it as soon as I stood up.  That worked until tonight, when at her normal bedtime, she decided this was really a whole lot of nonsense and proceeded to climb into the chair, pillow and all.  I had to tell her no, to get down, then to get in her bed.  Again, she sat and stared at me like I had lost my marbles.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I looked back, this is what I saw:

If the picture is unclear, let me describe it.  She’s on my bed, with one of her hind feet lifted up to her mouth, so she can groom it.  It was so hilarious, I almost gave her the chair back.  Instead, I told her to get down and go get in her bed.  She looked at the sad mound of stuffing on the floor…and she trotted off to the living room, to sleep on the couch!  I half expect her to try to get in bed with us tonight, but hopefully she has finally resolved herself to the spot on the floor that is her new bed.  But I’m not holding my breath.  She didn’t earn the name Princess for nothing.


Well, after plaster, we started filling the pool with the hose, per Sammy’s instructions. And it filled all day and all night and by the following afternoon, it wasn’t full, but the kids went swimming anyway!




Then, it was finally all full and beautiful!



A different Hauk Pool guy came to start the pool. That was Friday, the last day of school for the boys. Of course, they were DYING to go swimming…but the Hauk guy said we had to wait a day, since he had put lots of chemicals in the pool. 

Then, on Saturday, at 8am, the sound of running water woke me up. I looked out the window, and saw the fountains running for the first time!

After a few hours, it was still running. I figured it had been programmed to do that, but it was strange to hear/see it.

Saturday was Brad & Peter’s birthday. So we went out to celebrate and didn’t get home for several hours. When we pulled into the alley, we saw a geyser shooting up next to our house, so we ran to see what it was. 

On our way in, a neighbor asked if it was ours and if he could help. He told us it had been doing it for a while, which we verified by looking at the water level in the pool, which was back down to just over half full. We started calling the Hauk people, who walked us through shutting it all down.  A City of Frisco showed up shortly after thanks to a neighbor who called. Thankfully, we were back or he would have shut our water off and we would have had to pay to get it turned back on. 

Meanwhile, we have discovered a separate leak at the back of the pool, possibly explaining the middle fountain’s slower flow. 

But we didn’t let all the problems keep us from swimming!  It wasn’t full, but we still had fun. It was our first time to swim as a family. 

So…it’s kind of done.  Oh well, hopefully they will iron out all the kinks this week!

Pool, Day 22


(I almost said a bad word but stopped myself just in time, for those readers with sensitive ears.)

An entire crew of men, complete with a truck full of pave stones, just showed up at my house and told me they were here to install the pool decking. [YAY!!!]

Except it’s too muddy.  [BOO!!!!]

And now they’re moving on to the next job on their list.

And we’re stuck with a muddy yard.


Pool, Day 11

Nothing happened on the pool today, probably because we had a ton of rain last night and the yard is a soupy mess!  However, I noticed something new…water appears to be coming from somewhere else in the yard and pouring into the pool through one of the pipes.  It’s like the pool is trying to fill itself up, now!

2015-04-23 07.02.33

Matthew’s Birthday Party And A Few Of My Favorite Things

2014-09-06 12.38.30We recently celebrated Matthew’s 11th birthday.  I have a few pictures from the party but not much to report.  It was fun and I bribed my kid with promises to decorate the house to the hilt and thus save myself the cost of a party at Main Event.  And so I delivered…with a little help2014-09-06 10.24.38-2.


2014-09-06 12_56_582014-09-05 16_35_24Besides the party, we’ve been busy with school.  Samuel did get two more brackets put on his top teeth.  The teeth just on either side of his front teeth finally came in enough to add the brackets so we are hoping things move along quicker now.  He’s got a long way to go before he’s 2014-09-11 16.17.22done with braces.  He just came in while I was writing this post and said that he wished there was a cloud that followed him everywhere – with a hole in it for the sun to shine through – that constantly rained down candy on him.  When I said that wouldn’t be very good for his teeth, his solution was for there to be a cushion of vegetables around each tooth so that when you ate the candy, the vegetables would be against your teeth but you would taste chocolate instead.

2014-09-16 13_47_31And then there was the dog.  Today, while I sat in the chair and worked on my laptop, Snickers used my iPad for a pillow.  A little later, after digging outside in the mud, Samuel noticed her paws were muddy.  Before I could tell her to get off the couch, she started to clean them herself.

2014-09-16 16.49.02

I could write more, and I would love to fix the formatting of the pictures and the link to the video but I’m falling asleep with my eyes open and the kids aren’t even in bed yet.  When did I get so old???