When It Rains, It Pours

It’s not actually raining here. In fact, it hasn’t rained here in such a long time that when Brad was in Alabama this week and a storm passed through, he couldn’t figure out what was causing all that banging outside. You might be in a drought if you don’t recognize thunder when you hear it. But […]


Our dog, Snickers, should have been named Princess, for she is no doubt the most revered member of our household.  She is adored and loved and treated with honor by every member of our home – even Brad, though he will never admit it.  As our resident Princess, she has always slept in a chair […]


Well, after plaster, we started filling the pool with the hose, per Sammy’s instructions. And it filled all day and all night and by the following afternoon, it wasn’t full, but the kids went swimming anyway!          Then, it was finally all full and beautiful!       A different Hauk Pool guy came […]

Pool, Day 22

Well THAT JUST SU-, er, I mean, THAT JUST STINKS! (I almost said a bad word but stopped myself just in time, for those readers with sensitive ears.) An entire crew of men, complete with a truck full of pave stones, just showed up at my house and told me they were here to install […]

Pool, Day 11

Nothing happened on the pool today, probably because we had a ton of rain last night and the yard is a soupy mess!  However, I noticed something new…water appears to be coming from somewhere else in the yard and pouring into the pool through one of the pipes.  It’s like the pool is trying to […]