Pool, Day 34-36

Friday came and went, and we got both green tags – for the pool (pre-plaster) and for the arbor (pre-pier).  Then on Saturday – the only Saturday we’ve had anyone working on the pool thus far – men came and poured the cement piers for the arbor  posts.  (Now that we’ve had workers come on a Saturday, I have to renumber the days.  Before, I was only counting weekdays, but including weekends, it’s been 49 days…<grin>)

Monday was Memorial Day and no one came by, then on Tuesday, we got our arbor!!!

2015-05-26 14.58.482015-05-26 17.41.05








2015-05-26 17.41.36



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Pool, Day 30-33

Day 30 was a real disappointment.  I thought this week would be a flurry of activity.  Turns out, not so much.  On the 31st day, some guy showed up to put a document in our sideways Ziploc baggie that’s taped to the back windows, the one that holds the plans for the pool, all the permits, as well as the green inspection tags we’ve received.

Day 32, Sammy came by.  Turns out, for the inspection – scheduled for Day 33 – our gate had to close automatically after opening.  Sammy (thankfully) was able to set it to close 30 seconds after opening, and I’ve had to work hard to remember not to dally pulling out of the driveway.  Don’t want that silly gate to close on my car!  The gate was also supposed to have a back-up battery supply, but ours does have a release, so we crossed our fingers it would pass.  Sure enough, it did!   We are now ready for plaster!

Here’s a video I made this morning.  It might work, if I’m lucky:

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Pool, Day 29

So the decking is in, but not the stuff that goes between the bricks.  Which is okay because it still looks fantastic.

2015-05-15 16.20.41

I’m especially thrilled with how they did the edging.  These are cemented in, effectively creating a form that keeps the stones from moving over time.

2015-05-15 16.21.22

We’re getting there!

2015-05-16 11.27.04

Snickers is ready to have her yard back.

Today, they are cleaning up the backyard.  All the trash and stuff has been hauled off, and now they are power-washing the interior of the spa.

2015-05-18 11.14.23

According to our wonderful project manager, if we don’t run into any bad weather or delays, we will have plaster on Friday, which means we can swim!!!  I’m not getting my hopes up…much.

Pool, Day 26, 27 & 28

Turns out, installing the pool decking is a LOT of work.  Here’s the progression:

2015-05-14 15.11.35
2015-05-15 09.13.33

2015-05-15 07.03.19

2015-05-14 19.10.13

Meanwhile, because life can’t be all perfume and roses, we found out this week Peter will need braces.  Again.  In two weeks. And insurance has already paid out the max amount.  After he gets braces, he will get his wisdom teeth removed because they are keeping his back molars from coming in properly.  Dang wisdom teeth.  They really serve no purpose, which is why, I suppose, we all get them removed eventually.

Then yesterday, as I pulled into the alley to drive the two elementary-aged children to school, I heard a horrible “thump thump thump” sound.  I stopped to inspect and sure enough, I had a flat tire.  Not just a flat tire…a COMPLETELY flat tire.  As in, there was a razor blade embedded in it that effectively ruined the tire and made me have to buy a new one.

Because right now is the PERFECT TIME to be shelling out extra money for braces and wisdom teeth and new tires.  We might end up with a pool when this is all done, but we won’t be able to afford swim suits.

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Pool, Day 25

When Brad told me the forecast for today included a 100% chance of rain, I nearly started to cry.  At the end of the day yesterday, a semi arrived with pallets of our pave stones, which had to be unloaded on the driveway, as there isn’t room anywhere else, really.  I was so excited!  This meant we would be getting our decking!  Except, when I took the dog out at 6:30am, it was already starting to rain.

But then, a miracle occurred!  At about 8:30, the crew arrived and began working on our yard!  In the rain!  It’s not raining hard (yet) so I’m praying they can make good progress before the storms arrive.

Don’t misunderstand me…I love rain.  I pray for rain.  I grew up in a desert (practically) and know the fear of not having enough water.  To this day (no joke), I consider a shower a luxury.  We had to bathe in an inch of water when times were hard, so to be able to stand under running hot water is one of my favorite parts of the day.

So I can’t bring myself to pray for a break in the rain.  I feel guilty even wishing for such a thing.  But of all the years to have an unusually rainy Spring (Unusually rainy might be understating it a bit.  We got almost 5 inches in a 48 hour period last weekend – and that wasn’t the first time that’s happened this month.), why did it have to be the year we decided to build a pool??!!!?

I am not frustrated because I’m dying to have a pool to swim in.  I’m not frustrated because I’m tired of looking at the mess outside our living room windows.  I’m frustrated because the dog is driving. me. insane.  And while she (thankfully) did not poop in the Game Room yesterday, I feel like she’s a ticking time bomb, just waiting for me to look away so she can sneak upstairs and do her business.

2015-05-13 09.42.48

The big white pipes will provide drainage under the pave stones.

2015-05-13 12.38.44

By the end of the day, it was raining too hard for the guys to work, but they made a lot of progress anyway!

2015-05-13 16.01.15

Here’s a panoramic view of the yard.

2015-05-13 16.01.49

These guys even brought their own microwave, to heat up their lunch.  I would have let them use ours if they had asked…

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